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Glance tour and treks in Nepal

It is our great pleasure to work with you on exploring world’s best Himalayan Region chaining east to west on the north part of Nepal. It encompasses world’s highest mountain Mt. Everest (Sagarmatha 8848m); more than 8 out of 10 highest peaks of the world; more than 1300 other everlasting snow mountains which are more than 6000m high and among them more than 200 mountains are only in the Everest Region.

Nepal is the most charming country in terms of visiting and exploring Himalayas among the other countries. Nepal has been always accredited on top 10 countries of the world for their travel destination and the main reason for that are the caravan of high mountains and the deep cultural, religious and an unbelievable diversity of the people around the region. The Himalayas and their glories are broadening out richly around some countries i.e. Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet the autonomous region of china and no doubt most of the beautiful region falls within the territory of Nepal. One of the reasons why Nepal is so important is most of the northern Himalayan areas are still not well discovered. Exploring Himalayas let you bring you not only travel around the Himalayas but also the combination of divine culture and nature which offer you scared ancient temples and gumbas, phenomenon view of Himalayas, wildlife, diverse landscape, natural vegetation and many more.


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