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Motivation for youth

MYSE-2017 hopes to be a powerful platform for college students, youth communities and young entrepreneur, startups of the private and public sectors to learn about success key of the life, generate/crate ideas, develop relationships with success personalities, gather knowledge and acquire expertise through creative interactions and motivational speech. The theme of event will offer innovations, insights and inspirations for individuals, businesses and organizations as a way forward. Event facilitates and inspires them in several ways to achieve growth and progress. The sum total of those individual achievements is in essence the socio-economic development of the country. We assured, 1200-1500 participation expected for each venue including youth, higher secondary+graduate level students and young entrepreneurs, start-ups as well.


Facts :

  • Industry : Education| Training |Entrepreneurship
  • Location : Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Format : Website Design and Development
  • Language : English
  • Used Technology : PHP,Wordpress,Psd, Ai, Visual studio code, PHP, Mysql, Ajax, js
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